New website announcement

(added on 21 September 2013)

I've had the same terrible website for a long time and finally decided that while I was reorganizing a bunch of my sites that I would redo my site with Jekyll. I built my first Jekyll-based site this afternoon with the help of a tool called exitwp. I have a ton of Wordpress sites that have remained in their current state for many months. I'm sick of having to deal with updates to Wordpress core, plugins, and themes as well as them being targets for automated exploitation tools.

Converting these sites into simpler, lower maintenance systems with less potential for security vulnerabilities seemed a sage thing to do. It's also helped a bunch to be able to fit more sites onto a single DigitalOcean droplet and have things still be performant. It's also quite nice to be able to focus on content generation and automate the rest. Working with markdown files in the console opens up a pandora's box of opportunities for automation and scripting.

I'm especially excited about the prospects for using Wercker for continuous integration and deployment of this site and others. This SaaS CI service allows you to create a pipeline file in yaml that will handle cloning your source repo, building it, testing it and deploying it -- this process takes place with each git commit.